EDB announces early Chinese New Year holidays for kindergartens and primary schools

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St. Hilary’s Kindergarten

7th February, 2018

Dear Parents

In view of the latest development of seasonal influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within schools, the Education Bureau (EDB) announced that the Chinese New Year holiday for all kindergartens, kindergarten-cum-child care centres, primary schools and special schools (excluding Schools for Social Development with secondary section only) would be advanced to start from tomorrow (8th February 2018).  The arrangement of our school are as follows:

The Chinese New Year Holiday for our school will start from Thursday 8th February 2018 to Saturday 24th February 2018. Lunar New Year Holiday is also included in the period mentioned.

  • To meet practical needs during the non-scheduled school holidays, we will arrange an adequate staff to handle school affairs and answer parents’ enquiries, and clean and disinfect the school premises. If necessary, the school premises will remain open to take care of those students who would be unattended at home and have to return to school.  If parents are unable to arrange their relatives or friends to take care of their children, please contact the school office (Tel: 23387055) for the arrangement of sending their children back to school.  There is no school bus service during the non-scheduled school holidays.  Parents sending children back to school must arrange their own transportation.
  • During the holidays, parents should note the following measures to prevent your children from being infected as far as possible:
    • To maintain good personal hygiene and cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and wash hands thoroughly afterwards:
    • To maintain good indoor ventilation;
    • To build up good body immunity by maintain a balanced diel, exercising regularly and taking adequate rest; and
    • To avoid going to crowded or poorly ventilated public places.
  • The Chinese New Year Market on Saturday 10th February will be held as normal and parents can choose to participate.
  • If you have any enquiries, please contact us on 23387055.


Ms C. Chan


St. Hilary’s Kindergarten