SHInE Program (St. Hilary’s Playgroup) & Additional Programs

Our SHInE Program is designed for babies and toddlers aged 6 to 30 months old to gain an Interactive & Educational experience at St. Hilary’s with their significant carers.  

St. Hilarys


School . Community 

This Bilingual (English & Putonghua) School-based program is designed to help babies and toddlers develop their school readiness before joining nursery school & kindergarten. In our well-facilitated school setting, young children will explore and discover new skills and knowledge as a member of St. Hilary’s schools.  



Social Interaction . Bonding 

This program emphasizes different forms of social interaction. We believe positive contact with different individuals is essential for babies and toddlers’ healthy growth and development. In our classes, teachers facilitate- 

  • Fun activities for parents/carers and children to learn together, 
  • Opportunities for young children to interact with each other; and  
  • The bonding between our school and the families.   



Learning through Play . Structural Curriculum 

This program is divided into three age groups-  

  • Baby SHInE (6 to 11 months old) 
  • Little Tot SHInE (12 – 17 months old) 
  • Toddler SHInE (18 – 30 months old) 

Each group provides a set of goals for babies and toddlers to achieve through fun activities and play experiences as a gradual and continuous process of holistic development. 


We value early learning experience. In this program, teachers will take a systematic record of children’s performances, and prepare an end of term report for children who finish the whole term.  

About the Class Levels 

Baby SHInE (6 to 11 months old)  

The program assists babies to develop their fundamental movement and cognitive skills though various music and sensory activities which spark the little ones’ curiosity to learn and discover. 

Class Size: 10 families max. (Each baby can attend with two adults) 

Duration: 1 hour 

Little Tot SHInE (12 – 17 months old) 

The program facilitates young toddlers to gain an early experience of a regular school setting and routine, which assists little ones to develop their social and communication skills. With parents/carers’ assistance, young toddlers will gradually achieve a wide range of learning goals in order to support their holistic growth.  

Class Size: 10 families max. (Each toddler can attend with one adult) 

Duration: 1.5 hours 

ToddleSHInE (18 – 30 months old) 

The program aims to develop toddlers’ school readiness skills before they join the nursery school and/or kindergarten. Toddlers will be well equipped with different skills and knowledge through different math, phonics, thematic, music, movement, and arts activities.  

Class Size: 10 families max. (Each toddler can attend with one adult)  

Duration: 1.5 hours 




About the Program 

In the SHInE Program, babies and toddlers will explore a range of themes and learning content through a structural routine as the following: 

Once the set term is complete, a report will be given to each participant to help parents find out more about their baby/ toddler’s strengths and achievement. 

This is a sample of our end of term report: 

SHInE Enrollment:

Saturdays’ Playgroup (Summer Term: 26/6 – 14/8) Enrollment: Apply Now

Weekdays’ Playgroup (Summer Camp: 26/7 – 13/8) Enrollment: Apply Now


Additional Programs (English Programs)

For kindergarten age students who would like to enhance their English language and literacy skills,  we would recommend you the following interactive programs:

Conversation Program (3-4 years old) 

The program aims to enhance young children’s listening and speaking skills of English through interactive games and guided set tasks.

Class Size: 10 children max. 

Duration: 2 hours 


Creative Writing Program (4-6 years old) 

Children participating in this program will design and compose their own story book from scratch while developing their expressive language skill.

Class Size: 10 children max. 

Duration: 2 hours 

English Programs Enrollment:

Weekdays’ English Programs (Summer Camp: 26/7 – 13/8) Enrollment: Apply Now