Specialized Program & Support for our Graduating Class

Leadership Program (K2 & K3) 

The Leadership Program is a weekly after-school program offered to our K2 and K3 students to further develop their generic skills of critical thinking, presentation, organization, collaboration as well as interview techniques through educational and fun activities. 

Mock Interview Activities

Young learners may have no experience with interviews and therefore, we provide “mock interview” activities for our K2 and K3 students to find out what interview is all about through hands-on and first-person experiences.

SH K3-G1 Bridging Program (SH Primary X KG Sections)

To help graduating students make a smooth transition from the KG Section to the new Primary school life, SH Primary & KG Sections join together to provide our K3 students the SH K3-G1 Bridging Program, in which, K3 students will attend a one-week-program at our Primary campuses.  Classes within the week will be conducted by the G1 teachers along with the assistance from the KG class teachers.

Click here to view a short clip about our Bridging Program.