Message from the Chairman of School Board

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and early years experiences have a direct effect on a child’s future chances. A young child needs a secure, safe, confident and happy childhood.

St. Hilary’s teams take our responsibility very seriously to ensure that our school will provide each child with the environment and the experiences that they need to develop, grow and thrive, safely and securely.

We offer an integrated curriculum combining thematic and interactive teaching methods. All key disciplines including language (English and Chinese), mathematics, aesthetics (music and arts), natural science, and physical education will form part of a dynamic, relevant curriculum designed to stimulate learning and achievement.

We actively encourage children’s personal development, specializing in developing self-confidence and providing a variety of extra activities which afford the opportunity to acquire new interests and complement children’s academic studies.

I do believe that every child is unique and each one must be treated with the care and respect that they deserve and given the best on offer.

Terry Tsui
July 2015