Internal Awards

We believe young students are concrete thinker, and visible awards help them to understand what they have completed and achieved.  Therefore, we offer Internal Awards in all different learning areas to make students’ success visible.  These awards are given out from time to time to continuously motivate students to keep going!

Our Internal Awards include:

Achievement Awards Details
Reading Achievement Award For students who are able to use the skills that are needed to read guided level readers, put efforts in reading activities and display a high level of reading interest.
Best Progress Award For students who work extremely hard to make progress and improvements throughout the year.
Most Attentive Award For students who always display motivation in learning and attentive participation in the class.
Good Manners Award For students who always show good manners, being polite and display respect to others.










Parents are our vital partners, and their contributions should also be acknowledged and appreciated!  Therefore, we have a number of awards for our SH Parents Ambassadors who participated in different events.

Achievement Awards Details
Mystery Reader Award  For Parent Ambassadors who have participated in our Mystery Reader program and read students a wonderful story. 
Career Sharing Award  For Parent Ambassadors who have participated in any of our career sharing session and made a wonderful presentation. 
Parent Service Award  For Parents who have provided services to the school and our students during the year.