Mr. Armstrong Lee 李漢祥 先生

School Manager

Armstrong Lee, Managing Director, Worldwide Consulting Group Company Limited

Beginning his career as a management consultant at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in 1995, Mr. Lee was responsible for advising renowned local and international companies in process re-engineering, market studies, financial planning, strategy formulation and execution.

After leaving the consulting industry, Mr. Lee has held senior executive positions at leading companies in Retail, IT and Insurance industries. He is one of the pioneers in launching the superstore shopping concept in Hong Kong and also the founder of Park’N Shop Cyberstore. Mr. Lee was also responsible for strategic planning, business development and marketing for Oracle and AIA in the Asia Pacific Region.

Mr. Lee left the Management Supports Department at AIA in 2002 and established Worldwide Consulting Group Company Limited which is a leading executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of talent for mid-to-top level positions for renowned MNCs and listed companies in several major industries, such as banking, finance, insurance, investment, retail/ FMCG, IT, telecommunications, real estate, etc. Mr Lee is also holding the following positions:

Council Member of Lingnan University (2015 – present)
President of the MBA Alumni Association, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2011 – present)
Member of the Finance Committee, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (2019 – present)
Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Children Foundation (2019 – present)
Member of the Social Welfare Advisory Committee of HKSARG (2017 – present)
Chairman of the Association of Lifespan Development & Educational Research for Youth (2018 – present)
Honorary Advisor of Regeneration Society (2018 – present)
Founding President of the Alumni Association of Graduate Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2013 – 2015)
Think Tank Member of the Dashun Policy Research Centre (2015 – present)
Director of the Hong Kong Academy of School Managers (2015 – present)
School Manager of CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Kindergarten, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2015 – present)
School Manager of the St. Hilary’s Primary School and St. Hilary’s Kindergarten (2018 – present)
Vice President of the Global Universities Alumni Union (2015 – present)
Standing Committee Member of the Convocation, Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018 – present)
Council Member of the Federation of Alumni Associations of Chinese Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong (2014 – present)
Honorary Advisor of the HKUST Mainland Alumni Association (2016 – present)
Columnist of the “Master Insight” and “am730” (2017 – present)