Dr. Jeffrey Pong 龐朝輝 醫生

School Manager

Dr. Jeffrey Pong is the Specialist in Ophthalmology of Asia Eye Institute, and is currently the Consultant of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital and Eye Fund of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, the Associate Consultant of Prince of Wales Hospital as well as the Honorary Assistant Professor at Department of Ophthalmology of Faculty of Medicine of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. Dr Pong is active in public affairs, and hold the position of President of Hong Kong Federation of Societies for Prevention of Blindness, the Vice President of Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society, the Council member of The Hong Kong Medical Association, the Voluntary Medical Advisor of Mutual Aid Association, the Medical Adviser of Causeway Bay Industry and Commerce Association and Hong Kong Association of Squint and Double Vision Sufferers.