2016-17 Additional entry opportunity 招收插班生

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2016-17 Additional entry opportunity

At our Boundary Street Campus there are still a few vacancies in our PN (pm) class. There are no vacancies in our PN (am), K1, K2 and K3 classes, but we are accepting waiting list applications.

At our Hung Hom Campus there are still a few vacancies in our PN (am & pm), K1 and K2 classes. Admission for the 2nd term is open now. The application deadline is 17th Feb 2017. Interviews and the results will be arranged and announced on or before 28th Feb 2017.

If you are interested in applying for your child, please click the link below to download the application form.

Our curriculum and quality of tuition in both campuses are helpfully monitored by our School Supervisor, Mr. Terance and our Honorary Headmistress and Curriculum Director, Mrs. Gae Fielding.

Click here to download the admission application form


招收2016-17 年度插班生

本校太子校舍PN下午班尚餘少量學位。家長如有興趣,可按下面連結下載報名申請表以安排面試。PN上午班, K1, K2和 K3學位已滿,本校現接受後補位申請。

另外本校紅磡校舍PN上午及下午班, K1 和K2均有少量學位。下學期插班生申請已經開始,截止日期為2017年2月17日。家長可於以下連結下載入學申請表。面試及結果將於2月28日前進行及公布。

本校太子和紅磡校舍的課程和教育團隊均由本校校監張灼祥先生和榮譽校長兼課程總監 Mrs. Gae Fielding 統籌。