Mr. Samuel Chan Yiu Sang 陳耀生 先生

School Manager

Mr. Samuel Chan Yiu Sang received his Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (distinction), and Master of Education in Curriculum Development from the University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Samuel Chan is a prominent Geography educator in Hong Kong. He has rich experience in managing Geography Departments and teaching Geography at secondary schools. He has long been one of the most popular and well-known Geography tutors at a leading tutorial school. He is now serving more than 30 secondary schools, with the focus on conducting fieldwork projects, teaching elite classes, and providing consultancy services for teachers. Since 2000, Mr. Samuel Chan has been a senior Geography Consultant at G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College and the Director of G.T. School Limited.

Mr. Samuel Chan is also a renowned author of over 20 titles of Geography textbooks and reference books which are widely adopted at secondary schools. “Three Steps to FBQ+ in DSE Geography” is his latest publication serving the DSE Geography curriculum.

With his devotion to serve young people in Hong Kong, Mr. Samuel Chan has recently been invited to become the Honorary President of the Hong Kong Children Foundation.

As a school manager of St. Hilary School, Mr. Samuel Chan will be working closely with the school founder, Mr. Terry Tsui, other school managers, supervisors, school principals, and teachers to make St. Hilary School one of the best through-train schools in Hong Kong. He believes that St. Hilary School would be an excellent place for nurturing Hong Kong’s young people to become responsible and knowledgeable citizens with global perspectives.

陳耀生先生畢業於香港大學文學院地理地質系;亦於香港大學取得教育文憑(優異) 及教育(課程發展)碩士學位。

陳耀生先生是香港知名地理科老師。他在管理中學地理系及教授中學地理課程有豐富的經驗。他也曾是全港最受歡迎的知名地理補習名師。近年他致力為三十多所中學提供各式各樣的教育服務包括專題講座、帶領考察課程、教授拔尖班及為老師提供顧問服務等。自2000年起,陳耀生先生已是優才(楊殷有娣) 書院的高級地理科顧問。今天也是優才學校有限公司的董事。

陳耀生先生亦是香港知名的地理科教科書及参考書作者。他有多套的著作於中學廣泛被採用。`DSE 地理FBQ+三步通’是他最新的作品。